Jim McCright's Ultimate Golf Secret Golf success is determined by how well you use your mind.

Meet Jim McCright

Who is the guy that has the nerve to say he knows and is revealing the ultimate golf secret? Jim McCright has had many of the same experiences in golf as you the prospective reader.  He admits to knowing at least two ways to hit each of the bad shots; but fortunately, he also knows how to hit the good ones.

An avid student of golf for over 50 years, Jim has been a compulsive teacher since the time he excelled enough that someone wanted his advice. Jim had a combination of golf and life experiences and exposures that very likely set the stage for his finding the mental truths that he shares with you in this book.  He developed an impressive golf game in spite of some glaring weaknesses.  He won a number of school and amateur tournaments, but his efforts to develop a putting game produced a mediocre putter with the yips. He was so frustrated; he gave up his hope for a career as a professional golfer in spite of encouragement from Babe Didrickson Zaharia, Alex Morrison, Paul Hahn, Olin Dutra, and Ben Hogan.

Jim chose a military career which afforded him opportunities to teach and compete against top service players. Occasionally he played in professional tournaments such as the German Open and the Woodlawn Open on the European tour. These experiences confirmed that his ball striking was competitive and his chipping, putting, and sand play were not. Professional assistance, books, and magazines did not help; time passed and Jim got older. Unfortunately in spite of finding the keys to the short game, an illness and injuries left his body and nervous system impaired such that his slim chances of successfully competing at the highest level were reduced to near zero.

Over the years Jim attended seminars and read extensively about self help. That seemed too mystically based for him, but eventually some information about the mind spurred his interest. That beginning inspired 14 years of study and experimentation on mentally producing golf results. What he found inspired this book.

Jim is fully aware that he has no national reputation or other credentials that imply he could know information that every aspiring golfer should want, but he sincerely believes he does. He has taught golf for years and swears that these mental techniques have drastically improved his ability to help students. He has a masters of Science degree as well as some post graduate work. He knows that many professional golfers have written books even though they have never taught golf. (Some of those employ teaching pros or ghost writers.) So, why not a great golf book by an unknown?

Want to write Jim with your questions?  Feel free to email him at: ritegolf@ix.netcom.com.

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