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— "...Your golf success is directly determined by how well you use your mind. Notice, I said directly determined not merely influenced. Examine your golf performance in light of your thought process and mental attitudes, and you will see that your game is the result of what you think and believe. When your game improves or deteriorates, it does so because your thinking has gotten better or worse."  

 — "During the several years I have been playing golf, I slowly improved to the point that a month ago I had reached the mid to high 90s. Then, I read Jim's book. I did not actually practice the techniques, but the book gave me new perspective and insight. I began rapid improvement in all areas of my game and lowered my best ever score several times. Just two days ago, I shot 77 at Clustered Spires." Bunk-Maryland"

You've probably wasted a lot of time and money on the latest hot golf club, book, video, lesson or whatever it may be. Perhaps those things worked for you at first (as they often do), but eventually the positive effect wore off. Jim can explain why that happened and how you can take real control of your golf game for the rest of your life...or your money back.

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